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Call for Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) Nominations 2017     


Nominations for award of the AFSM as part of the Australia Day Honours List 2017 are now open.

Please note the CFS Awards Committee has prepared  the  AFSM guideline and nomination form  attached .  Nominations on the template should be forwarded  by email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively marked 'Strictly Confidential' and forwarded by post to the CFS Deputy Chief Officer, Country Fire Service, GPO Box 2468, Adelaide  SA  5001. 



After prioritisation by the CFS Awards Committee, nominations are forwarded to the Chief Officer and the Governor-General, through the Minister for Emergency Services, so adherence to timelines is important.  Therefore nominations are to be forwarded no later than  Friday, 17 July 2016. 



Directors/Managers/Regional Commanders are requested to ensure this information is made available to all volunteers.   The guidelines and template will also be located on the CFS website 'Rewards and Recognition', the 'Members only' section and announced via Facebook and Twitter.   



As detailed in the guideline, the sole criterion for the award of the Australian Fire Service Medal is distinguished service. “Distinguished service” includes service that is above and beyond the normal zealous and faithful discharge of normal or ordinary service, whether short term or prolonged. It could be a special achievement or success in the performance of duty in difficult or unusual circumstances, or sustained high level performance with outcomes and recognisable benefits to CFS, the fire service in general or the community.  The service must be exceptional.  Long service alone should not be used as a basis for making nominations. 


The CFS Awards Committee looks forward to receiving your nominations.



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