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Country Fire Service Volunteers Association

“Representing the interests of CFS volunteers”

21st October 2014



The Country Fire Volunteers Association welcomes yesterday’s presumptive cancer compensation announcement for CFS volunteer firefighters, which will provide volunteers and their families with welcomed peace of mind as we enter into what has been predicted to be a severe fire season.

The CFSVA is relieved that the cancer risk faced by CFS volunteer firefighters has been acknowledged and the presumptive cancer legislation extended to include CFS volunteer firefighters.

The CFSVA commends Minister Piccolo for honouring his pre-election commitment to review the presumptive cancer legislation for CFS volunteers and for working closely with the association to achieve this result.

Whilst the CFSVA has worked diligently over the last two years to obtain presumptive cancer compensation for CFS volunteer firefighters, the reality is that this is one piece of legislation the association certainly hopes no CFS volunteer will ever have to call upon.

The lack of statistical data has presented some issues during negotiations, as actuaries were only able to provide their best guesstimates in relation to the cost of the scheme, however we anticipate that at the 5 year review there will be sufficient statistical data to enable an evidentiary review of the legislation.      

The enormous contribution made by CFS volunteers in protecting lives and property serves as a reminder of just how much South Australia relies on the CFS to keep our state safe, and also reminds us of the importance of looking after and protecting those who protect us.

Sonia St Alban

Executive Officer


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