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Women of the CFS

Equity and Diversity withinin CFS Volunteer Ranks

This was formerly the Women of the CFS (WoCFS) Committee, which was was formed in 1995 with the aim of increasing the participation of women within the CFS in operations, operations support and auxillary, but NOT through affirmative action.
The CFSVA now wants to focus on all minority groupings within CFS, with an emphasis on youth, people from other ethnic backgrounds including indigenous volunteers, people with disabilities who still can participate, and of course women. The Association is currently developing a recruitment campaign with an equity and diversity focus, concentrating in the first instance on CFS Regions 4 and 6. We have produced a series of community service announcements using our best asset, the men and women of the CFS. Filmed in Jamestown, Stirling North, Cummins, Port Lincoln and Belair brigades, these 30 second advertisements have been shown on television stations in the north, west and east of the state.
The CFS Youth Council will soon be up and running, with the inaugural meeting to be held on November 21 2010. The CFSVA nominees to the Youth Council are Nick Ditter from Piccadilly Brigade with Jason Wallis of Murray Bridge as proxy. More information about the Youth Council will be available soon.

WoCFS Networking and Support

Photo by Brenton Ragless

WoCFS continues to act as a support network for female CFS Volunteers. For more information or assistance contact Pip McGowan on 8390 3442 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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