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CFS Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

Front Row: Andrew Lawson (CFS Staff Rep), Kirstie McGarrity (Region 3 Rep), Lisa West (Mentor) and Benjamin Kha (Region 5 Proxy)
Back Row: Jamie Partridge (Region 5 Rep), Scott Kennedy (Region 1 Rep), Ruth Coveney (Region 2 Rep), Krystal Mills (Region 6 Rep), Stewart Germaine (CFS Volunteer Association Rep) and Alex Hill (Region 2 Proxy)Absent: Shannen Ellis (Region 4 Rep), Hannah Cox (Region 1 Proxy) and Megan Parsons (Region 3 Proxy).


Youth Advisory Council

The Country Fire Service Youth Advisory Council is group of young volunteers aged between 16 and 30 years from across South Australia, who share a passion for young people and volunteering in the emergency services. The YAC provides a great opportunity for young volunteers to become involved in the service at a different level, where they can be heard by staff who they may not have met before, develop skills, consult with the wide CFS community and influence high level decision making. The YAC meet six times a year and are represented at various other committees including the Chief Officers Advisory Council (COAC).

The YAC play a vital role in promoting youth and the benefits of young volunteers in the CFS.


A CFS where young people are actively involved and play an important role in leadership and decision-making.


To provide young people in the CFS with a strategic voice by engaging them in the decision-making processes of the organisation.


The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) will:


  • provide a youth perspective on issues
  • raise issues that have been identified as important to young people in the CFS.


The YAC will do this by:


  • connecting with young members of the CFS,
  • opening lines of communication between the CFS Chain of Command and young CFS members
  • creating, monitoring and actively progressing youth strategies within the CFS Strategic Plan.


YAC Members


CFSVA YAC Representative is

Stewart Germaine

Phone: 0438 845 191

 Region  Delegate  Proxy


Stewart Germaine


Region 1

Scott Kennedy

Hannah Cox

Region 2

Ruth Coveney

Alex Hill

Region 3

Kirstie McGarrity

Megan Parsons

Region 4

Shannen Ellis


Region 5

Jamie Partridge

Benjamin Kha

Region 6

Krystal Mills



Lisa West




The YAC has developed a Mentoring for Succession Fact Sheet and Poster with the assistance of the Volunteer Services Branch, SAFECOM.


If you have any queries regarding the YAC or want to contact your regional representative on the committee to raise any local issues regarding young people, please send a detailed email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





The 2014 Youth Volunteer Scholarship Awards are now open for applications.

The scholarships are awarded in recognition of young volunteers who are currently involved in volunteering, have a history of community participation, and who have demonstrated their personal motivation and interest in volunteering and helping others in the community.

Winners of the scholarship awards will receive up to $3000 in financial assistance to assist them with tuition fees associated with attending their chosen field of study at a university, TAFE SA, or vocational college course.

The Youth Volunteer Scholarship Awards provide a great opportunity to reward young people who make a difference in our community.

Guidelines and Nomination forms are available from the Office for Volunteers website at www.ofv.sa.gov.au or by phoning 1300 014 712.

Please note that the closing date for nominations is Friday 25 July 2014











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