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Women of the CFS

Equity and Diversity withinin CFS Volunteer Ranks

This was formerly the Women of the CFS (WoCFS) Committee, which was was formed in 1995 with the aim of increasing the participation of women within the CFS in operations, operations support and auxillary, but NOT through affirmative action.
The CFSVA now wants to focus on all minority groupings within CFS, with an emphasis on youth, people from other ethnic backgrounds including indigenous volunteers, people with disabilities who still can participate, and of course women. The Association is currently developing a recruitment campaign with an equity and diversity focus, concentrating in the first instance on CFS Regions 4 and 6. We have produced a series of community service announcements using our best asset, the men and women of the CFS. Filmed in Jamestown, Stirling North, Cummins, Port Lincoln and Belair brigades, these 30 second advertisements have been shown on television stations in the north, west and east of the state.
The CFS Youth Council will soon be up and running, with the inaugural meeting to be held on November 21 2010. The CFSVA nominees to the Youth Council are Nick Ditter from Piccadilly Brigade with Jason Wallis of Murray Bridge as proxy. More information about the Youth Council will be available soon.

WoCFS Networking and Support

Photo by Brenton Ragless

WoCFS continues to act as a support network for female CFS Volunteers. For more information or assistance contact Pip McGowan on 8390 3442 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Who are CFS cadets?

The CFS accepts young men and women aged between 11 -18 years to be cadet members. However, if you are 16 years of age you can talk with your brigade captain and decide if you want to remain as a cadet OR become a senior member of the brigade in an operational or non-operational capacity.

What do cadets do?

Cadets are involved in a whole range of activities:

Introduction to basic firefighting

Learn basic skills in firefighting, pump operations, hose drills, radio and communications, search and rescue and eveyone's favourite, riding in the fire trucks.

Community activities

Get involved in street parades and other local events as well as help out on community projects and other fundraising actiivities.

Fun activities

Go on camps with up to 100 other young people, attend special activities, state firefighting competitions, go-karting, movies and more!

Fun Activities

Other related activities

Achieve your Duke of Edinburgh Award or make your training count for part of your SACE development.

Cadet Training

Why do nearly 1000 young people belong to the CFS?

Here are what a handful of current CFS cadets say when asked about what they enjoy about being a CFS cadet member:

  • Using the hoses
  • Riding on the trucks
  • Having a great time learning new stuff
  • Making new friends
  • To have a great time


Information specifically for parents and caregivers


The cadets are covered by the CFS Public Liability Insurance at all times whilst undertaking CFS approved activities.


The leaders of the cadet programs are police checked in order to hold their positions; abide by the Child Protection Policy incorporating an adult leader code of conduct; receive training in working with young people; abide by the ratios of 1:5 for operational training and 1:2 for firefighter training and always have a minimum of two leaders present at training.


There are some records required of cadets: CFS membership form, brigade application form and medical form. Whenever cadets undertake special training outside of normal brigade training they may need to fill in a special activity form. Parents/caregivers are expected to sign these records if the cadet member is to attend.

Parent/caregiver support

Cadets often take part in a range of special activities. Assistance is welcomed from time to time in the form of supervision, paperwork and organising cadets for events etc

Why not join the CFS yourself?

The CFS is always looking for motivated and dedicated people - if this sounds like you then when you go along to drop off your cadets(s) why not think about becoming a member yourself? One of the current cadet leaders joined CFS two years ago - a mother of six children, cadet leader and brigade firefighter ... so why not give it a go?

What do I do now?

Visit your local CFS brigade and see if they or a brigade nearby has a cadet program.
Phone 1300 364 587 to find your nearest cadet program or go to www.cfs.org.au to register your interest.

CFS Promotions Unit

Minimize The SA Country Fire Service Promotions Unit started in 1996 as part of the mobile CFS display known as the Pantech. In 1998, the unit launched their own website which was overhauled in 2001 and again in 2005.

The website, administered by CFS volunteers Pip McGowan and Ashley Hosking, was established as a way for brigades to recruit and inform members, to broaden public understanding of the CFS and to promote the volunteer ethic.

Input on the site is gathered from other CFS members and the public all over the state and is updated regularly.

The site is not the official site of the SA Country Fire Service or the Country Fire Service Volunteers Association (CFSVA), however it is operated with the full co-operation and endorsement of the CFS, the CFSVA and its members. It is administered by the CFSVA.

To visit the CFS Promotions Unit website click on the link below.

Promotions Unit.jpg

CFS Promotions Unit Website

SA Volunteer Fire Fighter Museum funding grant 2015



The South Australian public is being asked to get behind an exciting new initiative supporting the continued development of the SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum complex at Naracoorte. Stage 1 of this development is a Memorial Wall to fallen fire fighters.

Rex Hall of Naracoorte has been instrumental in getting the SA Government to consider a $50,000 funding grant under the “FundmyIdea” Program for the establishment of this permanent memorial to those volunteer fire fighters who have lost their lives while fighting bush fires across South Australia.

By visiting
http://yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions you can view the proposed project and register your vote to help influence the Government’s support for this exciting Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Museum project. 




SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum Inc


Fire services all around Australia are making great achievements in preserving the physical reminders of their firefighting heritage.

At a meeting held in 2006 between CFS and CFSVA, volunteers and staff, a committee was formed to investigate how to best preserve the significant heritage of the CFS.

See below for all Newsletters.

The Committee currently comprises of the following members:

  • Rex Hall AFSM, Chairman and Region 5 representative
  • Colin Chomel - Region 1
  • Ray Bryant AFSM, Region 2
  • Neil Mason, Region 3
  • Bob Kirby, Region 4
  • Russell Branson AFSM, Region 6
  • Wayne Byrne, CFS employee responsible for the roll out of new appliances and disposal of those being retired.


  • Euan Ferguson, CFS Chief Officer
  • Ken Schutz





blitz HWP.png

Blitz on show.jpg

Photo courtesy of the CFS Promotions Unit

Rex Hall

If you would like to know more about the project or perhaps even get involved or make a donation please contact Rex Hall on 0417 081 560. 

WEBSITE: www.savffm.net.au





In 2017 the CFSVA was award one of 10 Community Voice grants.

The grant provided for students from Flinders University to produce a short video on the CFSVA and its role in representing the interests of CFS volunteers. 

The production was recently completed and launched  at the General Meeting. 



Download this file (volunteer_charter_cfs_poster.pdf)Volunteer Charter


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