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CFSVA News Bulletin August 2018

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Issue 10

August 2018

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This CFSVA newsletter includes:





CFSVA President and CFSVA Election

Andy Wood, due to illness recently stepped aside as CFSVA President to concentrate on his recovery.  The CFSVA Management Committee has appointed David Lindner as the CFSVA’s Acting President until the October AGM.
We wish Andy a speedy recovery and thank David for taking on the position of Acting President with such short notice. 

CFSVA Election
This year is a CFSVA election year for the positions of President (1 year), Vice President (2 years), and 3 Executive positions (1 year).
Nomination forms have been circulated through Branch Presidents, with nominations closing on the
1th September 2018. 
Once nominations have closed a list of candidates for the positions above will be forwarded to Branch for consideration prior to the CFSVA AGM on 10th October 2018.

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CFS Volunteer Charter 

The CFSVA continues to work towards having the CFS Volunteer Charter enshrined into legislation, and understand that the matter is being progressed, however given that the legislation is supported by all political parties in both this and the previous Government, it is perplexing as to why this commitment has not been met.
Since elected the Marshall Government has focused on meeting its 100 days commitments made during the pre-election phase, and is due to be hand down its first State Budget on the 4th September 2018.  The Minister for Emergency Services Corey Wingard attended the CFSVA Management Committee in June 2018 which enabled the Committee to raise matters directly with the Minister.
The CFSVA is tracking well with the current government which hopefully will be reflected in the forthcoming state budget.


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Guest Speaker Anne De Piaz  - CFS

Anne De Piaz – Executive Director CFS Frontline Services Support was the guest and provided an update to Branch President. We thank Ann for her time and for providing and informative and interactive session. As some of the questions were Branch specific, please refer to your Branch President for further information. 

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Project Renew


As part of a pre-election commitment by the Marshall Government, $5 million has been committed towards CFS station repairs and maintenance, which will enable some necessary work to be undertaken.  Under the banner of Project Renew CFS has requested that that brigades through their region submit a list of outstanding repair and maintenance items for consideration as part of this project.  The first call for projects has now closed, however there will be a second round called later in the year, with all brigades encouraged to conduct an audit of their station and provide a list of necessary maintenance items. 
Urgent and necessary work will be given priority as the funding is not sufficient to cover all necessary maintenance.  Sonia St Alban is representing the CFSVA on the Project Renew committee.


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Sector Advisory Committee

The CFSVA supports retaining the Sector Advisory committee which is recognised in legislation, which has in the past not been successful due to the timing of the meetings and the lack of participation and interest by some sector partners. 
It was proposed that the Sector Advisory Committee be disbanded, however the CFSVA formed the position that the Sector Advisory Committee must remain, as it is the only formal link between sector partners.  The CFSVA has reviewed the Terms of Reference and has made recommendations to the SAFECOM which reviews the role and function of the Committee to bring the sector together on sector wide issues without impinging on agency specific matters.

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CFSVA 12 month Plan

The CFSVA is working towards a 12 month work plan which covers areas such as Volunteers / CFS / Political / CFSVA and Communication in line with the CFSVA Strategic Direction. The plan is currently in draft form and will be ready to implement in the next Management Committee session subsequent to the AGM.   


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Communication Tool "SLACK"

The CFSVA South East Branch recently raised the issue of communication and put forward SLACK as a tool which may be suitable to improve communication between the CFSVA and volunteers.
The use of SLACK was discussed at the recent Management meeting and is under consideration by Branches. 
The CFSVA is currently awaiting further information and feedback.


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2nd Set of PPC for CFS Volunteers 

The second set of PPC for CFS volunteers was an election commitment made to the CFSVA in the lead up to the 2013 State election by the Labor Party, with the roll out occurring over a period of time.  The CFSVA lobbied hard to have the Presumptive (Cancer) legislation extended to CFS volunteers as studies show links between firefighters and the cancer listed below.  Carcinogens are carried as particulates in the air and in clothing and is a health and welfare issue for firefighters. The purpose of the second set of PPC is to allow volunteers to have a clean set of clothing to change into after responding to an incident, and whilst some recent comments suggest that the money could have been better, the CFSVA is quite clear that the health and welfare of all CFS volunteers will always be paramount.


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Presumptive Legislation (Cancer Legislation) available to CFS Volunteers 

The CFSVA reminds volunteers that presumptive “cancer” legislation has been in place for CFS volunteers since 2014.  What this means is that if you are diagnosed with one of the following conditions and meet the statutory time line you may be eligible to claim for the “injury” under Return to Work Legislation.
Description of Injury:                                                                      Qualifying period
Primary site brain cancer                                                                               5 years
Primary site bladder cancer                                                                         15 years
Primary site kidney cancer                                                                           15 years
Primary site non-Hodgkins lymphoma                                                         15 years
Primary Leukaemia                                                                                        5 years
Primary site breast cancer                                                                           10 years
Primary site testicular cancer                                                                       10 years
Multiple myeloma                                                                                         15 years
Primary site prostate cancer                                                                        15 years
Primary site ureter cancer                                                                            15 years
Primary site colorectal cancer                                                                      15 years
Primary site oesophageal cancer                                                                 25 years
Qualifying periods may include a period or periods that commenced or occurred before 1 July 2013

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CFS Mental Health First Aid Training

CFS is currently running Mental Health First Aid Course.
Mental Health First Aid is a 2 day course for volunteers which teaches how to provide initial support to adults who are developing mental health problems or are experiencing mental problems. 
The course can be run for either groups or brigades.
For further information please contact: Louise Hincks (08) 8115 3996 or 0412470480.


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CFSVA Koalas and CFS Watches are available for purchase

CFSVA have restocked with CFS Koalas. Cost is $25 each plus postage.

CFSVA now have watches available for purchase. $169 each.
To order contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please click here to find out more.

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Apply for your CFSVA Membership Card


The CFSVA Membership Card is a dual purpose discount card and EasyFuel has joined as a key partner.

EasyFuel is a fuel discount smart card that is different to the shop-a-dockets that you receive from supermarket chains.

EasyFuel partners with local businesses in order to provide fuel discounts to card holders for shopping locally. Each time you shop at a participating business and reach a minimum spend, you receive cumulative discounts on your card. Easyfuel also supports all participating fuel stations regardless of their brand so you can choose where you redeem your discounts.

There is no limit on how much you can save, 10c 20c 30c 50c per litre or more (max 50 litres per fill up).

On the second page of the application process online you will be asked if you have a promo code CFSVA. When you receive your card you will be required to "activate your card" by following the link below.


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CFS Volunteer National Park Unique Codes 2018/2019

We again thank the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) for this program.

The intent of the Parks Pass is to recognise the direct relationship between CFS Volunteers and South Australia's National Park System. This year to better utilise the new DEWNR Online Booking System for booking parks, DEWNR are changing the way CFS Volunteers will be issued complimentary camping and entry to National Parks. CFSVA will be issuing CFS Volunteers with a Unique Code number.  This unique code number is then used to make an online booking of a campsite/facility etc. via the website

CFS Volunteers seeking a CFS Volunteer Unique code for the 2018/2019 year are to email the CFSVA Office their name, email address, brigade and contact number. Your unique code will be emailed back to you.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note the benefits are the same as last year and provide free entry and camping to the majority of the State's Parks. 

Should you wish to take up the offer of additional Multi Park + Camping Passes or the Desert Parks Pass, you will need to contact DEWNR directly which will be at a discounted price.

Desert Parks Pass - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone
Desert Parks Hotline 08 86485328

We hope you enjoy your complimentary and discounted access to some of the state’s most stunning parks.

For more information regarding National Parks in South Australia


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